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She sits majestically atop the hill, her patience rewarded as her Guests are beginning to return, in smaller numbers, to stay safe, but she is content. Nearly a Century old, many minutes and hours have passed since she was built in 1928. The rumbling of the Tour Trams arriving at her door with her very special Guests, the sound of their voices ringing in the air, their footsteps on her maple floors – all music to her ears. It has been a lonely time, but now she smiles from her hilltop view like no other!

Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights is an Historic Icon and a Jewel in the Sonoran Desert quietly glowing each evening as a beacon of hope in our uncertain lives – a way to make passersby smile – enchanting all who come under her watchful gaze. She holds within her 100+ years of Arizona History – the past, our present and the future – and the tales she tells are wonderful to hear, her charm enveloping all who see her.  

Her guardians, Tovrea Carraro Society, are her daily companions, making sure her luscious Cactus Gardens are cared for and her wardrobe of Stucco and Stone stands strong. They continue to keep up with the demands of this lovely Lady of Phoenix, even when her much-loved visitors from far and wide were unable to join in.

She is all shiny and clean, gleefully showing off her bright lights each night as the days of tours are here. She understands that extra precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe and healthy. Her Guests hear the tales of the Castle and her People, adding this time to a rich and fabled story of surviving under the southwest sun in a modern time like no other. 

Thank you for helping Preserve Arizona’s History in Castle form!


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