About This Castle in the Desert

phoenix-point-of-prideTovrea Castle at Carraro Heights is a “Jewel in the Desert” that has intrigued people in the Valley of the Sun for over 80 years and is a Phoenix Point of Pride and an Arizona Centennial Legacy Project.

Why would anyone build a Castle in the middle of the desert in the late 1920’s and why is it still here today?

To answer this, just look at  the unique cast of characters who were inspired by  the property beginning in 1907.  The “Castle” continues to spark the curiosity of passersby, due to its unique location – now in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area – visible to all, yet secluded by the forty-four acres of preserved desert surrounding the structure.az-legacy-project-2012

Owned by the City of Phoenix and Operated by Tovrea Carraro Society, the primary attraction of the site is the Castle; a four story, 5,000 square foot architectural wonder perched atop the highest point of the granite-rich property. Groomed cactus gardens and undisturbed natural Sonoran Desert flora cascade from the Castle, providing scenic backdrops and viewing opportunities throughout the established trail system.

Opened to the public in 2012, Tovrea Carraro Society invites you to tour the Castle and Cactus Gardens with our devoted team of volunteers.

The Visitor Center, starting point for all tours, garden days and events, is located at 5025 East Van Buren Street, just off Exit 4 (Van Buren/52nd St) on the 202 Freeway in Phoenix, Arizona.

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