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Thank You to Everyone Who Came Out on
Saturday, November 3, 2018 for
Five Exclusive Tours & Tea

Supporting Tovrea Carraro Society (TCS)
in its efforts to

REfurbish, REnovate, REcreate & REstore the Outbuildings

Missed the Tea?  You can Still Help with the Campaign. 
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Building on Success: Keeping Arizona’s History Alive

Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights is a “Jewel in the Desert” that has intrigued people in the Valley of the Sun for 90 years and is a Phoenix Point of Pride and an Arizona Centennial Legacy Project, as well as on the National Register of Historic Places.

Much of Arizona’s history can be found here, beginning as a homestead, becoming the visionary building project of a talented Italian immigrant, proud to be a new American, who built an intriguing castle in the remote area east of Phoenix, then serving as the home to one of Arizona’s Pioneer families whose patriarch sat on the Arizona Constitution Committee tasked with forming a Territory into a State.

Why all the Peacocks?  It is said that Della Tovrea had over 120 peacocks roaming the property for their beauty AND for their constant squawking that made them the perfect “watch bird” along with her watch dogs.  The peacock is also the symbol of royalty, as is a castle, thus Tovrea Castle must have a few or hundreds!

Since our formation in 2010, Tovrea Carraro Society (TCS) has been inviting the community onto the grounds of Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights to provide upkeep and necessary sustenance to the Cactus Gardens.  In 2012, Arizona’s Centennial Year, we added docent-led tours of the Grounds and Castle, with several tours a weekend.  We are now serving the community with tours and special events 5 days a week, selling out within hours of releasing tickets many months in advance.

We continue to live out our mission, creatively adding ways to provide a unique experience for visitors to Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights; preserving, maintaining and restoring its historic structures, gardens and grounds, in partnership with the City of Phoenix.

  • Tea at Della’s Place marks the launch of our Capital Campaign to REfurbish, REnovate, REcreate & REstore the Outbuildings on the property.
  • Be part of renovating and rebuilding by supporting our Inaugural Tea at Della’s Place held on Saturday, November 3, 2018.
  • This Special Event includes 5 exclusive tours beginning at 1:00 pm of the Castle and Cactus Gardens followed by afternoon tea with culinary delights on the Castle’s East Patio.

Missed the Tea?  You can Still Help with the Campaign. 
Make your Tax Deductible Donation to Tovrea Carraro Society Here


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